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Download Toolkit

The IBNET Benchmarking Toolkit contains all the information and worksheets you need to start your own benchmarking scheme. It also provides more complete information on data and indicator definitions for those readers only interested in using the Performance Results already available on this site.


Download Benchmarking Toolkit


We recommend that you download the Toolkit files and that first you read the Instructions and the Guidance notes for the files.


IBNET Water Benchmarking (Word document, *.doc)
IBNET Toolkit Instructions (Word document, *.doc)
IBNET Indicator Definitions (Word document, *.doc)
IBNET Input Data Definitions (Word document, *.doc)
IBNET Data and Indicator Lists (Excel document, *.xls)
IBNET Data Entry (Excel document, *.xls)
IBNET Indicator Calculator (Excel document, *.xls)
World Bank GNI & Exchange Rate Data 1995 to 2003 (Excel document, *.xls)



Training and Assistance

If you are using the Toolkit and want further support, assistance or explanation, please contact the IBNET Team and we will get back to you.


This initiative will evolve over time, and we appreciate any comments that you might have on this site, on the initiative as a whole, or on utility benchmarking. Please send your comments to the IBNET Team.